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My sister just translated this chapter because she found it interesting, and I decide to translate it for those who might be interested in this series.

*After I translated it, I just realize that the novel was already deleted by the writer* more!


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"I'm free, so I think I'm going to save the world"
In the dark place where no one resides.
This is the place which far from normal everyday society. To put it simply, this is the "dark world" and I am the last boss of this world, sitting on the throne, waiting for hero to challenge me. matter how long I have waited, nobody has come.
This is too boring...
What is this title of "Last Boss" anyway.
Why is there no one here beside me! And after trying so hard to become a boss.
"Why do I have to be a last boss! If they cannot kill the normal bosses, nobosy is going to reach here then!"
I shout furiously, knowing that I don't have to fear of disturbing other people since I'm the only one here.
In my world, there is a school for people who want to be a boss, and because it is in another dimension from the world that normal people live, no one knows of its existence.
Fuhhhh...Think about it again, in the past, I tried so hard to be a boss.
And I thought I would recieve a lot of profit from it. Who would think that I would become a "last boss."
(sigh) Being too powerful is not always a good thing.
Now, those normal bosses outside might be doing something like "Hahahaha! If you dare, come at me heroes!" jealous...I want to say something like that too!
"Tsk! Nothing good going to happen if I stay here anyway. I have deicided, I'm going to resigned the position as a last boss. I'm going to save the world Arkkkkk!!!"
I jumped out of the throne and rushed to the door which is supposed to be the entrance for the heroes. If you ask me what would I do if there are heroes coming this way...
I don't care! Let them come. I'm going to find my freedom outside!
Here my words, I will go out and destroy all the other bosses!
"My name is Kinel Kay Dearvolt, wait for me, I'm going to be a hero and save the world!!"
I declare myself loudly.

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Hmm pity. The prologue was a rather interesting setup, to be sure.

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