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Chapter 1
Before I realized, I'm on the bed in an unfamiliar room

When I opened my eyes, I realized that I'm lying on the bed, in an unfamiliar room.
Er...what is this? 
I looked around the room in confusion. No matter how I see, I cannot recognize this room.
Even though the room is dim, but I'm sure that this room is much bigger than mine.
Such a soft bed. This is really comfortable.
So jealous.

After bouncing on a bed for a while...
No, this is not the time to do something like this.
Where is this place? And how did I come here?
No matter how stupid I am, I should first recall the situation.

For starter, I have to think about what I did before end up here.
Umm...If I remember correctly, I was taking a bath...
Thinking that although it is already autumn, the weather is still cold while putting the 'yuzu' scent in the tub and enjoying the bath.

I really love spending a long time in a bath.
There were times when I was too busy to do it, but today I don't have other things to do beside go to sleep.
The report that I have to hand in tomorrow is already finished. No need to stay all night.
My body starts to feel warm now.
Hmmm... This feels really good.
Because I got light headed for staying too long in the bath before, I decide not to stay too long.
Wraping myself with the towel after I got out so that the room doesn't get wet.
And then...
Out of nowhere, there was the sound of a child laughing.
I turned around to see...of course, no one was there.
The fear suddenly came over.Maybe, this is the ghos...
The realization made me hurriedly went out of the bath room even though I haven't completely dried myself properly.
But...I tripped carelessly at the door.
It is this bed that act like a cushion and protect me who fell down.
Okay. I have finished my recollection.
But...this is still confusing!
If I fell down at the bathroom door, I should be lying in the bath room.
Why am I lying on the unknown bed?
And still wrapping myself with a single towel.
My body is dry now because the sheets absorb all the moist.
Er...what should I do?
However, before I could think of an answer.

The door is opened.
The light came through the room, I could see the silhouette of a person.
Therefore, I know someone is coming in to the room.
"Who is that?"
I startled because the voice of the other person is very low and sound so cold.
By any chance, this person is the owner of the room?
So I am a trespasser then?
How should I explain the situation to him.
Even I don't know how I am here in the first place!
I decided to try saying hello to him.
I heard that the greetings are important!
"A woman"
Judging from the voice, this person must be a man.
He said before approaching the bed.
Oh...I don't know what's happening. But...I really want to escape from here.
How should I explain's like I was a prey being watched by a snake.
Even though the room is quite dark and I can't see very well, this man doesn't seem please for some reason.
What should I do if I was kicked out of the room?
The room became bright before the man reached the bed.
Is that a remote control? There was no clicking sound of the switch at all.
It was then that I was taken by the shocking surprised.
Totally my type....!!
This is one good-looking man.
His short brown hair is bright and dazzled. Ummm, or should I say a golden brown?
Sharp grey eyes...hmmm no, probably deep blue.

Actually, if you speak about handsome man, most people would think of a kind and caring looking prince.
However, for me, it would be far from that prince image.
Ummm...I prefer a man who looks manly.With beautiful muscles. Wide and solid looking arms and shoulders. Sharp rough face.
I would forgive the sweat smell.

If I have to label him into a certain type, I would say a knight. No, maybe a soldier would be more correct.


I slipped out. The man suddenly frown.

"...It is that then"

He murmured softly to himself.

Eh? What are you talking about?

I tilted my head, confused.

The man made a scary face, but because he looked really hadsome I didn't avert my eyes.Why do that at all when you are facing with such an eye candy.
Umm...To tell the truth, I don't know what it is, but I feel like if I break my eye contact, it would be a game over.

The man let out a sigh before reach his hand to me.He pulled out the towel which wrapped over my body.
...And then...
Of course, I'm now totally naked.


I was paralyzed in shock for a second before looking for something that can cover myself.
That's right, I'm sitting on the bed, blanket!
Although I'm still shock and confused, but I can think of something like this.
I hurriedly went under the blanket.

This man! What did he think he was doing!
Don't think that you can do anything because you are handsome!
Never mind, it's not like I have a good figure to be gawked at. (cry)

"It seems there is no hidden weapon (emono)...umm, that means, after all it is such a thing"

And what 'thing' you are talking about anyway!
Are you talking about prey? (emono) Rabbit? Bird? Or wild boar?
*Weapon and prey have the same sound*
Oh, originally my head is not that good to begin with. This is getting more and more confusing.
I don't even know what's going on.

This man tried to pull the blanket out of the way, which, of course, I wasn't going to let him do that easily.
After a tug of war, it seemed he finally gave up and let go of the blanket.
But that was only a scheme to make me let down my guard, for when I was starting to relax, he pulled out the blanket quickly.
I tried to wrap myself with the sheets instead, but he was a lot faster.

The man jumped over and pushed me down, his hands pined me on the bed.
Er...this situation. It doesn't look so good.
What business do you have with me?

"Cry all you want, but don't speak something unnecessary. I will do want you want tonight."

He cut me off before I could say anything.
Anyway, it's not like I know what to say in the first place. I would pobbably say something unnecessary ayway.
Nevertheless, if I let this pass, although I'm not the prey like rabbits, birds, or wild boars, I might be eaten by this man, no doubt.

The man still used his hand pined both of my hands, and begun to caress my body with his free hand.
It's not like I don't know what's going on. On the bed, with this kind of situation.
I didn't know if I accidentally pused his pervert button. But I'm certain that I'm being 'eaten' right now.
Even though I thought that I 'must escape', somehow, after I really think about it, I couldn't make it.
The other person is grown man with muscles. Also, I don't know this place, thus, don't know where to go.

While I was thinking, his tongue has reached my breast.
Er. I know that since we are doing that kind of thing, it would be normal, but this man is so sexy.
Seems like he used to this kind of stuff.

Fuhh. Thinking too much wouldn't do any good.
I should just let it go.
It's not like I'm seeing someone at the moment, and I already broke up with ex-boyfriend more than half a year ago. tsk.
Although I have relationship with him on the first day, I never do it with a total stranger before.
I don't think I'm an easy woman, I just think that people these days are all like this.
But my friends told me that's exactly the case.

No matter how much I think about it. Since it already came to this, I cannot escape anyway.
And this man is so handsome.
If I think of it in a good way, I think I get the profit.

Umm. Alright.

After reaching my conclusion, I just let the situation leads the way.


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